Thursday, February 29

5 common types of residential windows

Most homeowners don’t know there are numerous types of residential windows. And when it comes to window replacement, it can be difficult for them to choose a particular window. This article will share some insights into the most common types of residential windows. Let’s see which window replacement idea suits your needs best!

Jalousie windows

This is an American style window replacement invented back in 1900. The main characteristic of this window is the thin and staggered strips of glass. Jalousie windows look stylish and resemble quite well the Venetian blind. These window types represent an inexpensive solution to air conditioning. They provide excellent air flow.

Picture windows

If you don’t need too much ventilation, installing picture windows might be the perfect approach for you. These types of windows are installed high on walls and hallways to offer the best natural light solution. Their aesthetics and visual appeal are premium!

Double-hung windows

Another common type of residential windows is double-hung windows. These are designed with a pair of shutters attached to the frame. Keep in mind that these windows are the least energy-efficient solution you can have. But they can be a perfect window replacement solution near the patios and walkways.

Bay windows

Bay windows are projected from the wall and offer an increase in the available interior space. They come with lateral panels that can be opened. We believe bay windows are an excellent solution for boosting the curb appeal of almost any property. Such windows offer the perfect ambiance since they are available in a wide array of shapes and styles.

Lantern windows

If you look forward to your window replacement to completely change your home, lantern windows are a must for you. These windows are installed over flat roofs. They are created to increase natural light and air flow.

The bottom line: how do I know which the best residential window for my home is?

With so many window replacement solutions available, you might think that it is impossible to choose only one. But we have the best advice for you! Discuss your needs and expectations with a windows contractor. An expert will assess your property and determine which window replacement fits your home best. Remember that there are many factors to consider when buying new windows, including frame materials, glass panes, and style. Our experts say you shouldn’t overlook the importance of the installation process either. Professional installation of new windows ensures you’ll get all the benefits of replacement windows.