Monday, May 20

5 Exciting Furniture Designs for Tiny Apartments

Renting an apartment is a cheaper option for many. Although BRIO at the Rose Apartments in Broken Arrow is spacious enough, you’ll still come across many other flats with limited space. Nevertheless, you only need some creativity to convert your rooms into a spacious home. Why not choose your furniture wisely to save on space? Here are examples of unique furniture designs to help you save space in tiny apartments.

  1. Modular kitchen

A modular kitchen is a quick fix for anyone who cares about space. You can assemble it quickly, and you need a lot of cash to do this. The reason, the components are easily accessible, and you can make it from cheap stuff like engineered wood.

 What’s more? You can dismantle your modular kitchen with ease and move it to other places if need be. If you live in a loft efficiency unit or want some space in your one-room loft, a modular kitchen will sort you out.

  1. Fix on the wall furniture

Wondering where to place your shelves for additional storage? Bother no more! You can always add a sense of style to your limited space by fixing your furniture on the walls. Use bracelets to fit drawers or wardrobes on the wall. Acquire a few studs to ensure a more substantial fix. Fitting your furniture on the walls leaves more additional floor space, making it easier to arrange your rooms.

  1. Folding chairs

Folding chairs are practical space-saving solutions when it comes to saving space in your apartment. You can collapse them anytime you want to use them and fold them once done. The most impressive bit is that you can hang them on the walls to create a unique interior décor. You can also fold and hide in the closet when not in use. These chairs are also versatile and fashionable and will add a sense of personal taste to your apartment.

  1. One-shot stool

Do you need a folding chair that you can always tuck away when not in use? A one-shot stool suits you best. It’s a folding stool that features no axle, screw, or visible hinges. What makes this furniture piece unique? It neatly spirals to form a small parcel, and you can store it in an umbrella rack until when needed. It’s a space-saving piece of furniture and still acts as a toy for your kids.

  1. Transformable table & Chair

The transformable table and chair is a handy furniture piece for all homes. It comprises two metal chairs that you can bend to form a wide table space. You can use this as a buffet table when you require more room for serving your guests. As if that’s not enough, you can use the chairs when having extra guests in your home. When not in use, your chairs will save you a lot of space. You can also stack them on each other with ease.


You can always make the most out of your tiny space; you only need to be creative. There are also many furniture choices to help you save on space. Search online for more tips on how to save space in your tiny apartment.