5 tips to help extend the life of your carpet

Carpet is a huge investment, and it is critical to maintaining its appearance and functionality. You can perform specific actions to keep your carpet looking wonderful. A clean carpet will last for many years and will look fantastic.

This article will share 5 tips to maintain a proper carpet at home for keeping your carpet looking as good as new for the rest of its life in your house.

Purchase Quality Carpet

Making an informed and quality purchase is the first step in extending the life of any product. It’s crucial to think about the room you’ll be installing the carpet in, as well as the overall style of your home, before buying carpet. For example, will the carpet be in a high-traffic location like the living room or a low-traffic area like the bedroom? Do you have any indoor pets or children? You should consider these questions in mind while selecting the quality carpet.

Use Mats

The first step brings 70 percent of the dirt into our house. As a result, it’s better if we take our first footstep on a mat. Not only should we put the mat at the doors, but we should also put it in high-traffic areas like beds, sofas, and tables. You may protect your carpeting by putting down a mat in high-traffic areas.

Use The Vacuum Appropriately

Cleaning your carpet is the most effective strategy to extend its life and avoid the high cost of replacement. Vacuum high-traffic areas and entry areas twice a week, and the other carpeting at least once a week.

Set the height correctly for the best results. Raise it to the maximum setting, turn it on, and decrease it till the vacuum tries to pull itself forward. Slow down. Making one quick run through low-traffic regions is fine, but two slow trips through high-traffic areas are recommended. Also, begin with a fresh filter. A clogged bag or filter lowers the cleaning power of your vacuum. Filters in bagless vacuums should be replaced every three months. When the vacuum bags are three-quarters filled, replace them.

Stain Protector

A carpet stain protector gives an extra layer of defense against dirt, water damage, mildew, germs, and oil and water-based stains. However, even if your carpet came with a stain guard, it wears out over time and has to be reapplied after each professional cleaning.

Purchase the Correct Carpet Pad

The appropriate pad will help your carpet last longer, while the wrong pad will cut the life of your carpet in half. The density of a carpet pad, not its thickness, determines its quality. A suitable pad should be 3/8 to 1/2 inches thick with a density/weight rating of at least 6 pounds. A low-density pad will usually only last a few years before needing to be changed. Get a thinner pad with a density of 8 lbs. or more for high-traffic areas.