Thursday, February 29

6 Great Tips for Decorating Your First Apartment in 2021

Settling in a new apartment might be a real emotional rollercoaster. When dealing with rented spaces, it might feel there is a lot more you may not do than what you could. It is also understandable that working within your budget might be difficult.

Well, it is high time you ditch your fear and put all the hours scrolling Pinterest for décor inspiration into good use. With the help of the following tips from the best interior designers, you can easily make an apartment look less like a rental and be an ultimate sanctuary instead:

  1. Use a Smart Storage

Go creative with the way you use your storage spaces, stackable storage, pegboards, shelving, and collapsible furniture to keep your things organized and out of sight.

By getting rid of clutter in your apartment, you will maximize all the spaces and concentrate more on the décor.

  1. Give Rooms a Unique Color Scheme

If you have several rooms to work on, ensure you give each a unique personality. You may start with a specific color scheme so that when you move from one room to another, every part will feel unique, including the décor and walls.

Living rooms in the month to month apartments can also be a saturated and bold palette with French/navy blue, poppy red, and lemon yellow. Bedrooms can also be a mix of bold sapphire and turquoise with metallic silver accents and creamy whites.

  1. Get Dual-Purpose Furniture

When you’re dealing with small spaces, every inch matters. You can make the most out of every room you have by investing in dual-purpose furniture.

Instead of working your space around the furniture, ensure you concentrate on getting pieces that work well. Bedrooms are great spaces to set up multi-purpose furniture. Whichever furniture you decide to invest in, be sure to choose pieces, which are size-appropriate to your space. This is because overstuffed models can make your space look even smaller.

  1. Use Wall Sconces

Unlike chunkier table lamps, wall sconces can light up your apartment without wasting table surface area or floor space.

You can plug most of these sconces into the wall, so you will have nothing to worry about the entire wiring issue. Some of them can swivel, giving you more flexibility with lighting.

  1. Include Subtle Holiday Touches

A wicker basket packed with pine boughs or furry white throw draped over your couch can improve the holiday mood in the apartment without taking up a lot of space.

While adding red plaid comforter to the bedroom or drape pine garland over doorways are simple touches, they are great additions to holiday decorating schemes.

  1. Add Contact Papers

Apart from stick on tiles and wallpapers, contact papers are a temporary solution to hide ugly ceilings, floors, walls, and furniture.

These papers may cover almost everything and are simple to peel off again. If you also have an ugly coffee table, entryway, and kitchen floor, adding contact papers can be a good way to decorate your apartment on a budget.

A Recap!

It is easy to make the most out of a small apartment by developing an illusion of the space with a few decoration ideas.

Blending various decoration elements can make a small space look bigger, so be sure to combine the color of the area rug with your floor and the color of furniture with walls.