A Tenant’s Guide To End-Of-Tenancy Cleaning Services In London

It’s time to move to a new house. Before you vacate the existing property, you have to ensure that it’s clean enough for the next tenant to move in. For the unversed, tenancy cleaning is the responsibility of the tenant, and it’s important because you would want to get your full deposit back. Before the new tenant moves in, the property must be thoroughly cleaned and inspected. There are remarkable end-of-tenancy cleaning services, such as Citi Clean London, that specialize in the job and offer assistance that existing tenants need. In this guide, we are sharing more on London tenancy cleaning and how you can find the right service.

The work of tenancy cleaning services

What should you expect from professional tenancy cleaning services? The right company will come with a checklist, which is typical and necessary for such type of deep cleaning. The end-of-tenancy cleaning process can take time, because it involves cleaning the entire property. A specialized service will clean everything – from the rooms, to furniture, appliances, fittings, and everything else. Many companies also offer professional carpet cleaning, if required. Typically, tenancy cleaning includes –

  1. Scrubbing/cleaning of doors and windows
  2. Cleaning all water fittings and hardware
  3. Scaling and polishing of hardware when needed
  4. Deep cleaning of all cupboards and drawers
  5. Cleaning/polishing work services
  6. Appliance cleaning (not repairs)
  7. Removing dirt and grime from tiles
  8. Cleaning of bins
  9. Deep cleaning washing machines, microwave, and refrigerator
  10. Furniture cleaning
  11. Bathroom cleaning
  12. Vacuuming furniture, stairs and carpets

How to choose tenancy cleaners in London?

  1. Firstly, check if the concerned service has a checklist. As the customer, you should know the scope of the job and what you are paying for. The right end-of-tenancy cleaning service will come with their own tools, cleaning products, and equipment as the job demands.
  2. Ask for an estimate. The cost of end-of-tenancy cleaning depends on the current condition of the house, size of the property, and if there’s a need for deep cleaning. Make sure to get an estimate for the job in advance, so that unwanted add-ons can be avoided.
  3. Get a guarantee. Ask the service if they offer a guarantee on end-of-tenancy cleaning. Before the property starts gathering dust again, you would want to inform the owner and get the property inspected.

Finally, do check if the concerned tenancy cleaning service has good reviews. A company that’s recognized for its cleaning services in London wouldn’t shy away from sharing client references.