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Contractor Roles in The Construction Industry

There is a director to every film, and so is the role of commercial general contractors in construction projects. Whether it may be a project for a mall construction or a residential complex, it is the task of a commercial general contractor to handle each execution from tip to toe. Well, these contractors may be an individual or a company into construction but the prime factor required in this process is immense knowledge and experience. Henceforth, multi-tasking is required. Managing all construction phases along with catering to other activities at the site, a general contractor is more like a skeleton to any construction project. In other words, commercial contractors take on the responsibility of overseeing the entire construction site, managing materials and equipment, direct vendors and other sub-contractors ensuring the proper flow of the project in construction. The head contractors also have a stable relation with the designers who design the project.

Commercial Contractors and Their Role


As discussed, every step goes under this supervision. He starts with chalking and preparing out the entire plan for the project. This involves civil and structural drawings too. At the same time, it is he who decides on the structure and the elevation of the respective project. This involves direct professional relations with the architects of the project. A commercial general contractor is responsible to arrange for the raw materials required in the construction process. This includes vendor engagements and other functions related to the sourcing of materials. It is he who appoints laborers to work and sub-contractors too. In addition to these, all legal actions are under his supervision that includes complying with the legal formalities, taking care of legal insurance, license and permission too. A commercial contractor is also the head of administration of the respective project. Catering to communication facilities and overall administration at the site is under his dictatorship. They could be easily termed as the A-Z of the construction project.

Types Of General Contractors


Commercial general contractors hire subcontractors for different segments. There are cases when the owner wants to curtail extra cost by not hiring a commercial general contractor or the head and manage it all by himself. However, he is supposed to hire subcontractors like plumbers, electricians, roofers, carpenters and masons, and many other professional workers. However, these contractors involve a heavy cost and it is always recommended to get hold of professionals who are worth the cost. Here are few types of contractors who plays an inevitable role in construction,

Mechanical Contractors:
Plumbers and HVAC experts are principal contractors for any construction project. These contractors are specialized in air-conditioning, heating, and plumbing services. HVAC contractors are mainly for heating and air conditioning services. Often termed as specialty contractors, if a worker excels in all three tasks is also referred to as a mechanical contractor.

Electrical Contractor: As the name suggests, they are responsible for installing the electrical works on the project site. This involves lighting, alarms, telecommunication machines, and wirings too.

Paint Contractor: Very common for knowledge, they fill the building with colors and give it a final polished touch.

There are other types of contractors like carpenters, flooring, roof, and mason contractors too available at the construction site.

Issues Related To Commercial Construction


Indeed, the commercial construction contract tailors benefits for the contractors but a proper and thorough understanding of the contract is necessary because some provisions may affect the contractor’s rights. A few of the most prominent provisions that affect the contractor comprises payment provision, project change and order changes, identification provision, and delay provisions. Also, a thorough understanding of the responsibilities ensures there is no alter effect from the Performance Duties provision.



The demand for commercial general contractors is way high in today’s market as more projects by both government and private are being kickstarter. Because the person would deal with overall responsibilities at the project site, a detailed check on the company or the individual before appointing them is necessary. Here, excellence and experience matter the most. Also, there should be transparency in provisions and policies, and based on the evaluation, the head contractor gets hired.