Thursday, February 29

Five Wonderful Yet Simple Tips To Keep Your Drains Clean

Drains are simple to maintain and clean. But we all make mistakes from time to time that cost us huge fortunes of money. Bracknell drainage services are impeccable; they take care of your drains seamlessly.

·      Never Pour Oil Or Greasy Stuff

Pouring the leftover oil in your kitchen sink is easy. But have you ever wondered how bad it is? Oils or greasy stuff will accumulate fat in the drains, leading to blocked drains. It’s hard to clean such fat buildup. The fat buildup may not block your drain, but it will block the sewers connecting your drains to the drainage network in your area. Getting this buildup removed is an expensive and extensive task. Unlock drains Molesey services are fast and will clean your drains in no time.

·      The Buildup Of Hair Or Soap

Any form of buildup, whether hair, soap, or limescale, should be removed as soon as possible. Make it a weekly routine to check for buildup and clean the plugholes. Regular cleaning is a boon. It prevents the buildup of limescale too! If you have heavy limescale buildup, pour a generous amount of vinegar on it, let it sit for 3-4 hours, and then scrub it well. Instead of vinegar, you can use other chemically made products as well. You can reach Bracknell drainage services for routine checks and maintenance in an affordable manner.

·      Don’t Flush Out Things

One mistake that most people make; they dump sanitary wear and diapers down the toilet. Not only will this clog their drains, but it might also stop the flow of their drain leading to more expenses. Many companies claim that their wipes are degradable, but the sad part is their wipes degrade after years. And if you dump them in the toilet, they will stay there for years or as long as you get the drain cleaned. The team of unblock drains Molesey takes care of such things, cleaning your drains with modern techniques.

·      Bleach Does Magic

Bleach or any other cleaning product is good for your drains. It’s very quick to do and will keep your drains clean. Pour some bleach or cleaning products made to clean drains and flush tons of water with it. Doing this regularly will help keep your drain clean and prevent the buildup of fats or oils.

·      Be Careful Around The Toilet

If you use your phone in the bathroom, stop! Mobile phones, charges, scissors, and toothbrushes fall into the toilet and clog the drains. It’s tedious and gross to fish them out, not to mention they will not be usable anymore.


Now that you know these five important things, you should start implementing these tips as soon as possible. Doing them once will not lead to any visible results in most cases; the key is to practice these tips as habits and reap long-term benefits; you will be surprised to know how many drainage bills you will save just by doing these simple things.