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Frequently Asked Questions About Tub Repair Plumbing Projects

It’s normal for homeowners to have plenty of questions while planning out a professional tub repair project, and many households with tubs over 20-30 years old are now considering upgrades and other renovations to catch up with today’s industry advancements.

There’s no denying how tub repairs can sometimes be pretty expensive, but all repairs are an affordable option when you consider the alternative of bathtub replacement fees. But when you also consider just how important your tub is for showering and bathing, it makes sense for every homeowner to be doing their homework online prior to making an appointment with their local specialists.

Below are some of the frequently asked tub repair questions that may help you better understand your ongoing situation!

How long do tub repairs take to complete?

The good news is that the vast majority of tub repair projects can be completed within one business day, and the tub can usually be used the following morning after a drying period.

Although it depends upon the extent of your damages, you can be assured that your hired professionals will finalize the job within a timely manner!

What can be done about a large chip near the corner of my bathtub?

Tub repair experts are capable of handling even large chips anywhere around your bathtub.

Plumbers can thoroughly fill, repair, and cohesively blend any chip defect into your repaired tub’s aesthetics. This ensures that the chip isn’t noticeable after the repair is finished.

Can large cracks around 6-7 inches long be repaired?

Although it may seem dire when your have an extra large crack on your bathtub, the truth is that many large cracks can still be filled and patched up to the point that it’ll seem like it was never even there.

Many tub repair teams will also provide a slip resistant surface (SRS) to help guarantee that the tub remains safer in the future.

I accidentally cracked a hole in my tub and started a leak. Can this be repaired, or do I need a bathtub replacement?

Don’t give up on your tub even when it has sprung a significant leak due to an accident, because repairing your existing bathtub will be far more affordable as compared to replacing it with a new one.

Professional plumbers can sand, patch, and fill large holes—which makes the hole essentially disappear! Tub repair appointments will make leaks go away, and they’ll also make accident marks seem as though they were never there.

Why can’t I get rid of my bathtub scratches?

It’s common for people to scrub at their bathtub scratches to no avail, and this type of situation is often due to the scratches actually being much deeper than the tub’s surface and removing the surface’s color.

The good news is that tub repair experts can use professional-grade bonding products that make these scratches effectively disappear.

How do plumbers match the colors of bathtubs?

Most plumbers are also bathtub tint specialists, or at the very least, every plumbing company has a tint expert on staff.

Seasoned plumbing pros have many years of experience when it comes to matching bathtub colors, and every reputable plumbing business can help you custom order unusual bathtub colors when necessary.

Why does my bathtub always look dirty, even though I clean it a lot?

The odds are that the bottom of your bathtub has become worn down due to many years of rigorous cleaning and scrubbing. When this type of situation occurs, it’ll be hard to get the tub looking normal again with basic household cleaning techniques.

It’ll be necessary to get your tub resurfaced, and you’ll likely also be interested in installing a slip resistant surface to avoid the same problem later on.

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It’s perfectly normal to have questions while you’re in the process of figuring out your best options during a tub repair situation, but the most important thing to do is remain calm and know that your local plumbers will have you and your tub’s back when you need them.

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