How do I choose a window style for my home?

Window replacement is a necessity for every home, however, randomly installing a new window can decrease the aesthetics of your home. Windows serve three major functions: ventilation, security, and aesthetic appeal. Every window replacement needs to put all three functions into consideration before buying and installing any window. The most popular window styles are bow, bay, casement, awning, double-hung, single-hung, picture, and sliding. All these styles are beautiful but installing based on that alone is detrimental to other functions and features. Read this article to install the right window style for your window replacement.

  1. Understand the purpose for window replacement

Window renovation is a great way to enhance window functionality in your home. While windows play the primary role of ventilation, windows can also serve as a source of light and aesthetics enhancement for both the interior and exterior of your home. If you’re looking for more light in your sitting room, then installing windows with big glass panes will suffice. By understanding the purpose a window will serve in specific rooms, you’re putting yourself on the path of maximizing your window.

  1. Match window style with ventilation needs

Just like the above, ‘Understand the purpose for window replacement’ you should also consider your ventilation needs before buying your replacement windows. Ventilation is the primary reason for having a window, hence the need for that much focus. Match your window style with ventilation needs to save your energy bills.

  1. Match window with interior style

Windows help improve the home appeal, thereby increasing the aesthetic atmosphere within and without. This can tremendously improve your house value. Matching your window style with the interior design is as simple as installing windows that allow more light in the bathroom, and vice versa for your bedrooms.

  1. Match window style with exterior

While the interior design is important, your exterior is arguably more important as that’s what passersby and visitors will first see. The exterior is the face of your home, and you want people to like what they see. However, don’t compromise on lighting and ventilation to achieve this.

  1. Think Energy Efficiency

Last but not least is energy efficiency. Heat bills across new households or those who recently installed new windows are quite lower than older houses with old windows. This is as a result of the energy-efficient windows being manufactured. These windows help regulate temperature and reduce the amount expanded on heat bills.