Thursday, February 29

How Do You Renovate the Exterior of a House?

When it comes to impressing your visitors or potential homebuyers, you have to start with the exterior of your property. If your home exterior is unattractive, you are bound to lose potential tenants, buyers, etc. Therefore, every homeowner should consider investing in exterior home renovations.

Are you interested in improving the beauty of your home? Here are some exterior home renovations you should focus on:

·      Add a fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in renovating the exterior of your property. After using the same paint for several years, it will become dull or dingy. Therefore, you can make your home look better and more beautiful by adding a fresh coat of paint to your exterior.

You must be certain that the color suits the architectural style of your home. Also, if you don’t mind changing the color soon, you may want to consider going for one of the trendy colors for houses.

·      Enlarge your windows

One of the trendiest exterior home renovations is the enlargement of your windows. Small windows tend to reduce the beauty of your home and also make the interior dark. So, if you want to renovate your home and boost its aesthetics, you shouldn’t hesitate to enlarge the windows.

In general, you can change the shape and size of the current windows in your home to make the exterior look different. Alternatively, change the current windows to picture or bay windows that will give you a better view of the outside of your property.

·      Install beautiful exterior lighting

Your exterior home renovations are not complete if you have not added eye-catching exterior lighting. The lighting will help you to keep the façade on during the day or even at night.

Accent lights, sconces, etc. can make a big difference in the security and aesthetics of the exterior of your building. The exterior lighting will not only keep criminals away from your property but will also illuminate your landscape and allow visitors to navigate your exterior with ease.

·      Improve your driveway

Another way to renovate the exterior of your property is by updating your driveway. Bricks, permeable driveway pavers, stamped concrete pavers, etc. are some of the options you can consider for your driveway.

·      Update your landscaping

As long as the exterior of a property is concerned, landscaping is one of the most essential things to renovate. It can create a lasting impression for anyone visiting your home for the first time. So, think about bringing some beautiful plants and shrubs into your landscape.

·      Change your roof

Without mincing words, changing your roof can change the overall look of your property. Therefore, consider updating your old roof to a newer and more beautiful one. This can help you to ensure that your home stands out among others in the neighborhood.

Other updates you can consider include adding a porch, replacing the shutters, adding new texture, and installing some accent sections. If you have any doubt about your exterior home renovations, consult a home renovation contractor.