Thursday, February 29

How To Build Bathroom Accessories For The Disabled

The shower enclosure shall have a minimum dimension of 0.90 m wide by 1.20 m long, without a rim, and with a maximum drop towards the drain of 0.5 cm, concerning the finished floor level.  also consider a lateral transfer space, which the toilet can share. There will be a space for a seat with an area of ​​0.45 m by 0.45 m, which must be at a finished height of 0.46 m, and maybe fixed, folding or movable. You may consider side arms for support. The showerhead will be a telephone-type and cannot be installed above 1.20 m in height.

The faucet will be of the pressure or lever type. It must be located on the lateral side of the shower receptacle at a height between 0.70 m and 1.20 m, measured from the finished floor level, and must be reachable from the seated position. If the seat is fixed, the faucet must be reached from that position.

The shower must have a horizontal support bar installed at the height of 0.75m and a vertical bar located between 0.80 m and 1.40 m, all measured from the finished floor level. Both must be achievable from the sector intended for the user’s movement and allow support during the shower, both standing and sitting.

Inside the bathroom during the handicap bathroom remodeling, an emergency button can be installed connected to the kitchen or living room, located at the height of no more than 0.40 m, measured from the finished floor level. The bathrooms with a tub will only be considered suitable for the elderly or people with reduced mobility and not for people with disabilities in wheelchairs.

In dressing rooms, showers may have a minimum size of 0.80 m by 1.20 m and will preferably be at floor level. If there is a difference in level with the finished floor level outside the shower, the difference will not be more than 1 cm. In this case, the edges that occur at the meeting of both levels must have blunt edges and rounded edges. Likewise, they should consider a maximum difference in level towards the drain of 0.5 cm, concerning the shower’s finished floor level. The shower modules must allow their use individually and for a shower module to be used as a lateral transfer space to the wheelchair.


Bathroom accessories, such as soap dish, towel rack, coat rack, hairdryer, absorbent paper dispensers, hand dryer, shelves, or others, must be installed at a maximum height of 1.20m must not obstruct circulation or rotation from a wheelchair into the bathroom or transfer to the toilet.

If it has an emergency button, it will be installed by remodeling contractor Houston at the height of 0.40 m. Accessories for the toilet shall be no less than 0.40 m and no more than 0.80 m in height. All of these heights will be from the finished floor level.