How To Clean A Green Swimming Pool?

Having a cloudy or green-colored swimming pool can be a nightmare. Algae in the swimming pool are the reason for the green color of the water. Algae thrive on micro-organism in the right condition of the water. Here is a quick heads-up guide to getting rid of the algae problem from your pool.

Algae can be of different colors and it stays afloat in the swimming pool clinging to the walls and surfaces. Mostly leaving the pool on its own for a long time is what causes algae to thrive. Regular shock and cleaning assure the water of your pool remains clean and safe. Clean the algae.

1 – Test Your Waters

Swimming pool testing kits are generally cheap kits that allow you to test the water for various chemical levels. Test the chlorine level of your swimming pool along with the pH level using these testing kits. These testing kits are readily available with swimming pool services.

2 – Get Your Biology and Chemistry Right

Fix your water’s chemical level to get to the appropriate levels for your swimming pool. Make sure to fix the problem by managing the level of chlorine. Algae cannot thrive in the optimal range of chlorine in the water. To kill the algae, you will have to give a shock to your pool. Add a few bags of chlorine as a shock to treat the green color algae in the pool.

3 – Add Algaecide & Additives

If the algae are troubling you a lot, try adding one or two packets of algaecide or chlorine stabilizers to effectively give a shock to your swimming pool. Stabilizer or cyanuric acid protects the chlorine level from decreasing because of the UV lights of the sun. Make sure to add the shock to your pool and leave your pump running at the time of dusk to make use of the most chlorine.

4 – Clean The Debris

Once all the chlorine is mixed, get to the algae cleaning. Brush the walls of your pool vigorously without emptying the pool. Make sure to clean all walls and surfaces of the pool. Collect the debris and algae from the pool using either net or a vacuum. You can also clean the algae using your hands, but it is still safe to use a trustworthy net to get the job done.

5 – Check And Clean Your Filters

After brushing and cleaning the algae and debris, it is time to clean your filters. Water filters are the most crucial part of keeping your swimming pool clean and safe. Regularly clean your filters according to their types and uses. Back-rinse your sand filters. Thoroughly clean all the filters and cartridges for effectively cleaning your pool.


Green water can trouble your brains a lot because of the algae build-up. It is not as easy as googling how to clean a green swimming pool. Cleaning your swimming pool efficiently is going to take consistent effort. Make sure to follow easy to follow guide to get rid of the algae from your pool.