Thursday, February 29

How To Get Rid Of Bluebottle Flies

When you and your family enjoy your food, it doesn’t seem very pleasant to see a housefly land on your food. Apart from that, bluebottle flies are also dangerous for health as they degrade disease. In this blog article, you will learn how to get rid of bluebottle flies and a brief about them.

A Brief About Bluebottle Flies

The bluebottle flies are also known as Calliphora Vomitoria. They come from the family Calliphoridae. The Bluebottle Flies get attracted to rotting foods and flesh. The Bluebottle Flies are very much contagious to diseases because of their food habit.

But there are some good sides to these blue bottle flies. They also contribute nutrients for healthy living. The bluebottle flies are generally 12-14 m atm in size. They come with a metallic blue body and red eyes. They carry the pollen grain from flower and promotes pollination and many fruits and vegetables.

Nowadays, the bluebottle flies are also used for growing fruits and vegetables.

When They Are Active

Bluebottle flies are generally seen in the winter season. However, they are also active during spring and summer. The bluebottle flies find a cosy and warm place to continue their growing and reproduction activities.

These flies enter the home via windows and doors. Once they enter the house, they start to lay eggs and then search for food. Once you have the bluebottle flies family in your home, it won’t be easy to get rid of them.

How To Get Rid Of Bluebottle Flies

Here are the simple steps to help you eliminate blue bottle flies.

  • First, locate the food source where the bluebottle flies are active. You can look in the garbage to find meat scraps or animal cafes and little boxes.
  • If you don’t find such a food source, then the source can be found outside. Bluebottle flies are also attracted to pet food, even in a dry state. You should remove these things to get rid of blue bottle flies.
  • You can also cover the garbage cans so the flies cannot enter there. Whether this is indoor or outdoor, you should never keep the garbage can uncovered.
  • Once you have a bluebottle flies problem in your home, you should clean the kitchen garbage and animal litter daily. Otherwise, you can remove this garbage thrice a week.
  • Flies can enter your home through holes and screens. So repair them as soon as you can. You can contact pest control wholesale to help you with this problem.
  • Make the bins, gutters and drains smell very good. You can use an odour eliminator to enter your garden.


Hopefully, now you know a lot about the bluebottle flies problem. It’s time to ask your nearest pest control wholesale to help you with this problem. They have efficient people and the best tools to help you in the best ways. So, why are you taking risks? Call them now.