How to Renovate and Decorate Your Apartment’s Balcony

Renovating and decorating are two different things, but we’ll treat them with equal importance. Whether you’re looking to renovate your old apartment balcony or simply want to spruce it up with new furniture and decorations, we’ve got the how-to down. Read on to learn how to incorporate functionality and aesthetically pleasing products into your balcony.

Update the Railings

If you’re going for a complete balcony renovation, it might be time to update your railings. Most mid-century buildings don’t have attractive railings, or they’ve simply degraded over time. Fortunately, there are plenty of options if you’re interested in such a change. Depending on your overall aesthetic, you can go for either wooden, PVC, glass, metal, or concrete railings.

Each of them has a few advantages and disadvantages that you should consider based on the original structure, style, and budget. For example, metal and aluminum railings are durable and lightweight, and they can be modeled into the desired design.

On the other hand, glass railings are beautiful but quite expensive, especially for a larger area. Wood railings are affordable but not long-lasting, while PVC railings are durable but not pleasing to the eye. Concrete is also a great option if you’re not afraid of commitment.

Improve the Flooring

Whether your balcony was constructed decades or years ago, updating the balcony flooring should be your priority. Not only do you need a durable foundation for the space that goes through four seasons, but you need something that will protect you from possible hazards.

MGO boards are an excellent example of long-lasting, functional, and resistant flooring boards. They’re easy to install, so you shouldn’t experience any problems with them. Besides, they’re fireproof, termite-proof, and water-resistant, meaning they’ll last through natural disasters and possible hazards.

On top of everything, they look great, so you won’t need to add any floor covering unless you want to.

Consider Your Furniture Options

Depending on your balcony’s size, you have a plethora of options when it comes to furniture. Let’s start small. For balconies that don’t have enough room for permanent furniture, we recommend foldable options. This type of outdoor furniture doesn’t need to look cheap; you can add seat cushions and choose between various colors. Once you’re done using them, you can fold and stack them to keep them safe.

If your balcony is spacious enough, you can opt for more diverse furniture. Wicker furniture with cushions is an excellent option for lazy days, while outdoor dining sets are the best choice for regular gatherings. You can also add a hammock, if the construction supports one, to bring the boho aesthetic to your outdoor haven.

Add Plants and Herbs

Not only are plants beautiful, but they can also create privacy. If you want to create an oasis and prevent people from looking at your daily balcony rituals, we recommend adding plants along the railings. Add a few hanging ones to tie the look together.

Another great thing about balconies is the chance to test your green thumb. Purchase small pots or use old cans and containers to create a herb garden. Take advantage of the outdoor space and the sun. Pick your favorite herbs and plant the seeds when the time is right. Take care of them regularly, and in a few months, you’ll be able to pick basil from your balcony to finish off your pasta dish.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

If you like to spend the hot summer nights outside, you’ll need some lighting to complete your balcony renovation. If there are a lot of mosquitos where you live, you might want to consider citronella oil and lemongrass candles that repel them. Lavender and peppermint are also excellent choices if you want a pleasant smell.

Another great option is string lights. They don’t shine too bright, so they won’t attract a lot of insects and bugs. On top of that, they give out a beautiful and romantic feel strung across the balcony.

For a more outdoorsy feel, opt for lanterns. Whether they’re electrical or candle-lit, they have a more vintage and boho vibe. Besides, they give out a warm light as opposed to LED and regular lights.

Finishing Touches

Finish off the renovations with a few meaningful touches. Add some accessories like pictures or floor pillows to create a peaceful space. You can even create an outdoor bar if you like hosting parties. Don’t forget to use your imagination and experiment with the balcony’s style and look — after all; you can always update it.