Thursday, February 29

Keep Your Family Safe: 8 Daily Tasks for a Clean Kitchen

Cleaning your kitchen regularly is vital for several reasons.

First, because your kitchen is the heart of your home. Second, it is a high-traffic area, meaning it is more likely to get dirty quickly. Third, it is also used as a food preparation area. Therefore, it should always be kept clean for sanitary and health reasons.

Germs, bacteria, and other nasty things can thrive in a dingy kitchen. Hence, food-borne illnesses and other unpleasant things can affect you and your family.

In this post, we will walk you through some tips on keeping a clean kitchen.

Wash as you cook

You can fill the kitchen sink with hot soapy water. Then, use that time while waiting for your food to cook (like baking and simmering) to clean up whatever you can.

You can do the same for your used pots and pans. Doing so ensures that it will be easier to get the stains off when you wash them eventually.

It’s incredible how this simple cleaning top cuts down the clean-up time after every meal.

Wipe the sink

Don’t leave out little chunks of food when you’re washing the dishes on the sink as soon as you can. All it takes is 2 minutes to get rid of those food scraps and wipe down the sink’s surface.

The result? You can readily use your sink again the next time that you wash the dishes.

Keep the counter clutter-free

As mentioned previously, it will be easier to clean and wipe down the kitchen counter if you leave it free of clutter. Also, ensure that you don’t get into the habit of leaving and storing things on the counters.

When you keep your kitchen counter clutter-free, it’s easier for you to wipe them often and clean them. That way, these surfaces will be free of germs or bacteria and will be safe for your family.

Throw trash daily

If you want to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen, make sure that you unload the trash bins.

Remove any trash that might have accumulated in the kitchen so that you can get rid of any foul odor or dirt that may stay in your kitchen.

At Maid Sailors Maid Service Chicago, we recommend trash bins that are large enough to accommodate all the trash, at least for a day or so.

Also, keep recyclables separate from the others. That way, you can still reuse or recycle these materials later on. You can also have a better garbage disposal practice.

Similarly, you should also regularly clean your garbage disposal not to start smelling and cause your kitchen to smell bad.

Change cloths and towels

Cloths and tea towels should also be changed daily, if not regularly. That’s because these are often used to clean your home glass window and other kitchen surfaces.

Make it a habit to change the cloths and towels regularly, especially if you always share your kitchen with your family.

That’s because children always play and usually do not have the cleaning up concept that you have. Just an accidental swipe and all the milk can easily spill on the floor, and the towel goes back on the hook.

To avoid cross-contamination, avoid using the same kitchen towel several times. You can also place clothes and towels in a washing machine’s hot wash so that it will be thoroughly cleaned.

Practice CLAYGO

To have a perpetually clean kitchen, it would be best to adopt the “clean as you go” mindset. Rather than just leaving everything on the kitchen counter, make sure you put things away when you’re done using them.

Also, let’s say that you’re in a hurry to get something from the oven. Make sure that you clean up the mess as it bakes.

Don’t forget the tiles

Tiles can quickly grow limescale deposits, but you can easily get rid of these using vinegar or lemon. You can use a squeezed-out lemon half rubbing it off.

Or if there are deposits that are hard to get, you might want to consider dribbling some vinegar first, wait for a minute, before rubbing it off.

See to it that the tiles are durable enough before you try this method.

Finally, the floor

As for the floor, make sure that you invest in a high-quality steam cleaner, as these are pretty handy and thorough. It also gets rid of dirt and stains.

If you don’t have this, a great alternative is a mop head which can be removed, washed on the washing machine, or cleaned thoroughly on the sink.

Apart from beautifying your kitchen, a regular cleaning routine can help maintain its condition. We hope that you can apply the kitchen cleaning tips listed above. That way, it will be quicker to keep your kitchen clean and safe for you and your family.