Saturday, July 20

Mark Roemer Oakland Clarifies Why an Appraiser’s Drawing Cannot Be Helpful for Feng Shui Purposes


When it comes to building homes, homeowners are generally very concerned about the style and dimensions of the house and the related legal processes. Some people decide to build Feng Shui homes, and they have their concerns about the appraiser’s drawings. In this article, Mark Roemer Oakland explains why an appraiser’s illustration cannot be helpful for Feng Shui purposes.

The Details

Before explaining why, the appraiser’s drawings are not helpful for Feng Shui purposes, we need to understand the basic difference between the two illustrations. Appraiser’s drawings are for legal purposes only. They measure the exterior dimensions of the house and prepare a drawing for the record to be put for lawful purposes. Whatever the style or theme you follow on the interior side has nothing to do with the appraiser’s drawings. Because they take measurements and draw the floor plan only for the record, they do not take any customized requests, and their drawings can never be a suitable substitute for Feng Shui purposes.

Feng Shui practitioners need to focus on every detail before they actually build a plan. They need to know where the doors and windows are located to ensure the direction of the air. They also need to know the doors of all the rooms and how the passage of air will interact with all the energies in the home. In addition to the rest, they also need to know where the beds are located and the closet too.

Feng Shui also needs to know the living rooms’ locations and their doors to determine how all the energies would be facing and attracting each other. The geometrical sectors play a major role when it comes to designing a Feng Shui home.

If you are planning to build a Feng Shui home, we need to tell you that just an appraiser’s drawings will not be helpful for the Feng Shui practitioners. Those drawings can prove to be a good starting point because exteriors are rightly defined in the drawings. And a good practitioner can then locate the rooms, master bedroom, kitchen, and fixtures starting from the exterior design. From there, they can decide what items go in what location.

As much as we hold the stance that appraiser’s drawings are not helpful, we urge the homeowners to consult a professional practitioner before building their dream houses. Because building a home is not only an expensive but also an emotional experience. And when emotions are involved, people usually have zero tolerance for mistakes. So, before it takes a toll on your bank account, try consulting a practitioner for proper guidance as well as accurate geometric drawings.


Mark Roemer Oakland explained how and why the appraiser’s drawings are of no use for Feng Shui practitioners. It is always recommended that people invest in planning before building their homes because mistakes in building homes are expensive, especially when it comes to your dream house. Never settle for someone that doesn’t know what they are doing. It will only lead to heartache and more money out of your wallet.