Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses Western Style Décor Tips

Western style is fundamentally about decorating using Western influences. These feature rustic designs, natural fabrics, rich textures, and a pleasant color scheme, according to Mark Roemer Oakland. Decorate your home with warm wood furnishings that resemble enormous tree trunks, embroidered blankets that resemble flowers, or artwork displaying tranquil mountain scenery. Focus on bringing the outside inside by decorating with objects that mimic natural components.

Add a stonewall fireplace, a wooden table and chairs, and splashes of foliage to your home to give it a Western feel. Western decor is usually lovely, classic, and made of rustic materials. Add props, warm hues, artistic objects, and wood furnishings to make your area feel like the Wild West. Incorporating a Western-inspired design into your home produces a warm, lived-in atmosphere that welcomes any visitor. For additional ideas, check out the comprehensive guide to Western-style design.

Build A Stone Accent Wall

Add a feature wall to your living room to enhance your Western design. Stone walls are perfect for modernizing a classic Western design. Create a polished and natural environment in your home by designing a stone accent wall. This elegant décor element could provide the finishing touch to the space’s Western theme.

Stone, being an earthy natural element, blends well with other Western design components to make a living area feel warm and comfortable. The use of natural materials invites the great outdoors inside your home. You could even incorporate a fireplace into the stone wall for the most intimate ambiance.

Mix Wood Types for A Rustic Look

Integrate enough wood to give your home a rustic Western feel. If possible, incorporate some lovely cedar, pine, and oak wood ceiling beams into the living space. Open plan homes are ideal for this décor style.

If wood beams aren’t an option, use wood floors or heavy wood equipment to keep the wooden texture low to the ground. Layer different types of wood in one area to create a warm mountain cabin atmosphere.

Design With Indigenous Elements

Enhance your home with artworks and textiles influenced by Western Native American cultures. Most of these tribes, especially the Navajo, have a long history of producing magnificent art. These pieces frequently use bold colors, including reds, oranges, turquoise blues, tans, and blacks.

Some of the classic items you might use in your home include clay pottery, mats, and masks. Decorating using objects produced by Native American artists may quickly bring uniqueness to your living area. Decorating using antiques provides an opportunity to learn about and respect diverse cultures.

Make Use of Art as A Centerpiece

Amazing sceneries are essential for a Western home. Don’t worry if your house lacks wide windows that overlook rolling fields or magnificent mountain views. You may generate the same effect by hanging large-scale wall art.

Decorate with black-and-white cattle posters with huge horns to keep the effect modest. Alternatively, choose paintings in colors that suit your present decor. Choose artwork that complements Western-inspired tables, carpets, and decorations throughout the space to create a coherent aesthetic.


The Western design produces a clean, fresh impression by contrasting dark wood-finished elements with pastel floors and walls. It will bring elegance and trend to your room while also providing a dynamic atmosphere. Consider these recommendations by Mark Roemer Oakland for creating a wonderful Western style in your home.