Possible outcomes for combining CNC machining with 3D printing services

Even with great improvements in 3D printing services, it has proven to be a close to impossible task to replace CNC machining fully. The only option left is to combine 3D printing services with CNC machining, which has brought about significant outcomes in most outcomes. If you are thinking of working with a duo as a combination, here are possible positive results that you are likely to get.

Save time and cost

While working with CNC machining, it works in a way that it subtracts from the material till it creates what material it wants. The subtraction process does not allow for raw material to be reused. 3D printing, on the other hand, works in addition to the process whereby there is an option for recycling. Both systems combined will therefore give a chance to use every piece of raw material, reducing the cost of production.

Combining CNC machining and 3D printing will also reduce the production time. It works in a way that CNC machining is known to drill and bring forth accurate outcomes; hence no need to repeat till a perfect result is obtained. With this combination, a great deal of production time is reduced, and in turn, production cost goes down. For parts that need to be remanufactured separately and put together, they can be manufactured as one complete product using the duo as one machine.

High level of tolerance

With the combination of subtractive and additive technologies, there is a high chance of getting accurate and precise results, especially while working in the automotive and aerospace industries.  The tolerance of 3D and machining services combined is higher, therefore, producing consistent and more accurate results. 3D printing services are known to create high quality for a small layer of thickness, but the end parts are usually more porous, and this is where machining services come in to create a smooth finish. While producing metal moulds, the combination has improved in cooling systems and water canals.

Improved productivity

With lower costs and lesser productivity time, it is possible to produce many parts within a short period using the minimum amount of money needed. The duo will have a better and more accurate outcome with improved designs. Since CNC machining is known for larger parts and 3D for less bulky materials, it is possible for the production to push the design boundaries and, therefore, more opportunities to create a better design for mechanical parts. The combination will bring out a better outcome with every detail as you envisioned it to be.

Final thoughts

Machining services and 3D printing services will give better and consistent, and stable results. There is a big potential for a future combination of these production services as they bring more advantages to the production process. Industries are starting to adopt them as the technology keeps on improving. New designs have been created from scratch, with a high level of accuracy in productivity and the least amount of time possible. There are more reasons that you should try out the combination of both CNC machining services and 3D printing services.