Monday, May 20

Property Payoff: Tips To Increase Resale Value

While some families may only view the home renovation projects they undertake as a way to improve the functionality of their home, the truth is these updates can also double as a way to improve the resale value of a home when it comes time to sell. Many families believe that only the large-scale projects will be enough to influence the sale price of their home, but the truth is that even some of the most niche projects or improvements can be appreciated by new homeowners. That’s not to say that the grand changes wouldn’t make a difference on prospective buyers, as they certainly do, but rather that every change will have an influence. All that said, are there certain projects that are better than others for increasing the utility of a home for both the current owners and the owners to come? In this case, prioritizing projects that provide an increase in the amount of living space available should always be the first thought. For most families, this is seen through backyard renovations, such as extending a porch or building out a gazebo. While these are a great starting place for changes to your family’s home, there’s plenty more to learn about the most popular projects within the resource accompanying this post. Check it out for more information!

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