Reasons Why You Should Never DIY Plumbing Problems

Handyman Singapore Price charges transparently and reasonably. When you have a toilet that will not flush or a leaky faucet, it can be annoying to wait for a plumber the whole day. As such, many homeowners are always tempted to rectify the problems themselves. Such decisions have been encouraged by the numerous YouTube videos and tutorials on the internet. While a DIY could be a good idea to avoid wasting time, it is not always the best idea. There is a lot that can go wrong in the process. Therefore, before attempting DIY plumbing problems, ask yourself, “Is it cheaper to hire a handyman in Singapore?”. If the answer is yes, then wait for the plumber. Here are reasons why you should not DIY plumbing problems.

Improper Diagnosis

If the toilet is blocked, the first thing that will come to mind is clogging on the drain. Even if this could be the issue, it is not the only one that causes a jammed toilet or sink. The problem could be with the water pressure in the system. So, you will end up cleaning the drain, only to realize the toilet keeps jamming. In worst situations, you could spread the problem to other drains. You need to know the actual issue before you start working. So, it makes sense if you hire a professional plumber with the right knowledge of finding the origin of a problem. The professional will give the correct diagnosis and the right solution.

You Don’t Have the Right Tools

Do you have a pipe bender, a wrench, a plumber torch, or a telescopic tube cutter? The most probable answer is No! unless you are a tradesperson for plumbing tools. Remember, each problem requires specific tools to ensure the work is done right. Some of these problems, like fixing a leaking pipe are more complicated. So, only take the job if you have the correct tools. Investing in such tools might be even costlier than hiring an expert. So, don’t compromise on this. Get a professional plumber with the right tools and material to fix the problems.

You Could Make Costly Mistakes

You might exactly know what is wrong with the plumbing, but if you don’t have the right knowledge and experience, you might not know the origin of the problem. Even so, you might make a small mistake that could be costly to fix. You will end up fixing problems without solutions and buying costly tools you think you need. So, to avoid costly mistakes, it is best to call a professional. It will eliminate guesswork, and you will get effective solutions.

You Could Get Hurt

Even though plumbing may seem like a safe job, various dangers are still involved. Therefore, it is crucial to take safety measures. Plumbers deal with moisture, asbestos, and chemicals. So, they must know how to protect their bodies. Furthermore, they sometimes work in tight spaces with specific tools, and they must be careful. So, don’t go hurting yourself by attempting DIY on your plumbing system. Leave the job to the professionals by checking their credibility.


DIY plumbing issues could be a great idea to save time and money. However, this decision could end up costing you more money and adding stress. So, if you need plumbing repair, it is best to call a professional to avoid the things mentioned above.