The Importance Of Buying Electronics Protection Plans

Today, just about everyone depends upon electronic devices in their daily lives. These electronic devices can include iPod, iPad, notebook, laptop, tablet, desktop computer, television, and much more. They have become such a part of our day-to-day activities that we immediately know if they are suddenly not available for use. Unfortunately, through wear and tear and age, electronics deteriorate over time, and even break. To make matters worse, many manufacturers’ warranties tend to expire after a short period. As well, many don’t cover damage from normal wear and tear, power surges, and accidental damage. Brand new replacement electronics can be very expensive. Fortunately, Electronics Protection Plans such as the plans offered by ARWHome are the perfect solution.

ARWHome electronics protection plans cover all of your eligible devices for a great price and you do not have to buy warranties for each individual device. The plans cover you against common issues and defects, offering protection for a wide range of devices.

* Note: The UEP does not provide “individual item” warranties (ie: a single laptop, a single tablet, or a single desktop), but rather one electronics warranty that covers an unlimited number of all the listed devices. (not including cell phones)

ARWHome Warranty Coverage includes:



Gaming Consoles

Hand-held Gaming Devices



DVD/Blu-Ray Players

External Hard Drives

Flat Screen TVs

Home Theater System

Tech Support

And Much More

Electronics Protection Plans provide homeowners with added peace of mind knowing their eligible electronic devices are protected.

ARWHome Ultimate Electronics Protection Coverage includes:

Defects in workmanship and materials

Unlimited electronic devices – home computing and entertainment

Spills, drops and cracked screens (ADH) on portable devices

Mechanical and/or electrical failures due to normal wear and tear

Power surge protection

One laptop battery replacement annually

Protect Your Electronics With A Quality Electronics Protection Plan

Cover all of your new and used electronics with one electronics protection plan. No contract is required. Coverage is on a month-to-month basis that can be cancelled at any time with no cancellation fees.  Coverage will remain in effect 30 days after cancellation. If any eligible product experiences a failure we will fix it. Just file a claim. Shipping is included and we’ll repair it and send it back. If we can’t repair it, we’ll replace it or reimburse you.

The ARWHome Electronics Protection Plan provides coverage for an unlimited number of eligible devices, including computing products such as desktops, laptops, tablets, printers, routers and external hard drives; and home entertainment products such as flat panel TVs, DVD players, home theater systems and gaming systems.

Highlights Of ARWHome Ultimate Electronics Protection Plans include:

            Covers new and used electronics

            Failures caused by normal wear and tear

            Damage caused by power surges

            A brand new replacement laptop battery every year

            Tech Support

            Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) for drops, spills and cracked screens on select portable devices.

* For specific plans, there are additional exclusions, we recommend that you read and become familiar with the Terms and Conditions.

A home warranty such as ARWHome Electronics Protection Plans help cover the cost of repair or replacement of devices and systems that break down from normal wear and tear, which can save you a lot of expense. ARWHome has, by far, the best reputation in the home warranty industry,  We have hundreds of glowing positive customer reviews online. We also have an A+ rating with the BBB. With the Ultimate Electronics Protection Plan from ARWHome, you’ll have protection from unexpected repair costs or replacement costs on all your eligible home computing and electronics devices, as well as your home entertainment products. ARWHome Electronics Protection Plans are the ideal solution to an existing home insurance policy.