Carpets improve the aesthetics of your house, give you warmth and protect your floor from damages such as scratches. For many homeowners, rugs are good until it’s time to clean them. They can be hectic and time-consuming to clean, especially if you don’t have the cleaning tools to do that. Plus, the dirtiest carpets can contain germs and other contaminants that may harm your respiratory health. Luckily, you can hire a professional carpet cleaning service to give your carpet a thorough wash while protecting it from tear and wear.

Here are the evaluations to make when outsourcing same-day carpet cleaning Los Angeles.


First and foremost, consider how professionally trained the staff you intend to hire for carpet cleaning are. You want to ensure you deal with people who know what they are doing. Otherwise, you cannot risk having your expensive carpet cleaned by amateurs.

The carpet cleaning process

When hiring a carpet cleaning service, you need to enquire about the carpet cleaning process. While some carpet cleaning services employ the wet cleaning method, others use steam cleaning. Note that some methods require significant drying time. You can also opt for a company that uses dry treatment methods, which means you can walk on the carpet as soon as they are done.

Also, some companies use chemical cleaning agents, while others rely on steam to remove dirt and germs. You should pick a carpet cleaning company that guarantees environmentally friendly cleaning methods for your family’s safety.

The included services

Do not settle for the advertisement price you see on carpet cleaning services blindly. To be on the safe side, ask about the services included in the initial quotation they give you. Remember that extra services such as carpet reinstallation may cost more, and you need to know about these costs beforehand. Some of the questions to ask ahead include: will they move the furniture for you? will they give high traffic area special attention? Is there an additional cost for cleaning the stairs? Etc.


The people cleaning your carpet will be all over your place, so you need to ensure they have professional ethics. Ensure the company conducts background checks before hiring and takes responsibility for its employees. They should be able to facilitate any amends if the employees damage your carpet during cleaning.

Beware of low-price options.

You are likely to encounter low-price options when looking for a carpet cleaning service. Even though you want to save money, beware of low-price options when it comes to carpet cleaning. Some unreputable companies give a small quotation to get their feet in your door, and once they get there, they start pointing out other reasons to upsell and get you to pay more money. So, ensure you make your hiring decision depending on quality first them consider the price option last.

The takeaway

It is good to do a background check on prospective carpet cleaning companies before making your decision. Ask for recommendations from family and go through reviews before hiring.