Monday, May 20

Top Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Garden

We can bring nature into our homes in many ways. Plants have, in recent years, become hugely popular, causing some news articles to even call house plants the pets of the millennial generation. Homeowners are shopping for larger windows, hoping to bring in more daylight and natural illumination, and interior designers are incorporating more organic, natural materials into their homes.

Despite this shift toward a greener aesthetic, that is green in the environmental sense, there is one property asset that has become the most desirable of all: the garden. While there are numerous reasons why the garden has become so sort-after, much of its popularity is due to our human need for exposure to nature. And, since we can’t practically turn our indoor spaces into a wild zone, no matter how many house plants we buy, a garden is therefore essential.

If you’re one of the lucky residents to have their own garden already, then you’re in luck as, right now, there is a growing culture of garden innovation. More people are turning ingenuity to the outdoors and transforming their garden into something special. To help you get on board, here are the top tips for getting the most out of your garden!

Go Vertical

Many people neglect to use their garden space because of perceived limitations of space. However, even the smallest of garden spaces have great potential and an essential piece of advice is to go vertical. You fences and walls are all a type of space and, even for growing food, you’re not solely restricted to your ground. Search for hanging pots and garden shelves to drastically improve the space of your garden utility.

Build a Room

Greenhouses and sheds are common garden assets, but why limit yourself to just those options? More people are turning to summer houses as a way of expanding their home into the outdoor space. For instance, having an outdoor structure means that you can enjoy the natural environment of your garden year-round, even hiding out in the rain. Or, if you want more privacy, they can be turned into the perfect space for watching Netflix and reading!

Become a Local Grower

If you have an interest in food, or perhaps you want to get closer to nature and start learning more about how to grow, turning your garden into a smallholding is an ideal way to begin. There really are few limits and even a corner can be dedicated to a modest harvest. If you’re short on soil space, many vegetables and fruits can be grown from pots too. There are even ways to keep growing through all seasons, with the use of containers that negate the need for a greenhouse.

Start Composting

As sustainability becomes a thought in many heads, more people are starting to realise the significant impact food waste has upon the environment. Not only does it cost the economy billions of pounds each year but food waste contributes nearly 3% of all greenhouse gas emissions. While cutting down on food waste altogether is a difficult task, starting your own compost system is easy and can do wonders for both your personal carbon footprint and our environment.