Thursday, February 29

What Are the Creative Ways To Upgrade Your Home With Skirting Boards?

Skirting boards are not just a decorative element but also protect walls from damage, cover gaps between the wall and the floor, and hide unsightly wires and pipes. The boards are usually a practical choice rather than a creative one, but they needn’t be. Here you can find skirting board near me ideas to help you upgrade your home with the boards in a more creative way.

1. Play WithColors

Painting your boards in a different color is an easy and creative way to upgrade your home. Most people stick to white or wood finishes, but adding color can bring out a room’s personality and create a statement. Depending on the room’s theme, you can match or contrast your skirting boards with the walls or floors. For instance, if you have dark floors, try a lighter shade for your boards, or if your walls are neutral, add a pop of color.

2. Add Pattern

  • The boards with patterns can add a touch of elegance to a room.
  • You can choose a minimalist design, like simple geometric shapes or straight lines, or go for a more elaborate design with curves and intricate details.
  • Crown molding is a popular choice, creating a beautiful frame around the room.

3. Go For Texture

Texture adds dimension to a room; your boards don’t have to be smooth. Textured skirting boards could be rough-hewn, with a natural finish, or have a raised pattern or carving. A rough, rustic finish would be great for a cabin-style room, whereas a more intricate design could work well in a traditional home. These are also ideal if you have plain walls or floorings, as they create a focal point.

4. Incorporate Lighting

Adding Lighting to your skirting boards near me is a creative way to add some atmosphere and brightness to a room. You can install led light strips underneath the boards, or recessed lights behind them, depending on your preference. The Lighting can be dimmable, making it perfect for home theaters or cozy movie nights. Using a qualified electrician to install the wiring for the lights safely is important.

5. Mix And Match

Mixing and matching different styles of boards can add depth and contrast to a room’s design. You could combine a modern, smooth skirting board with a traditional ornate design or opt for contrasting materials like metal and wood. Mixing and matching the boards like this adds character and personality to a room and creates an eclectic feel.

6. Use Skirting Boards As Shelves

A creative way to upgrade your home with skirting boards near me is to add them as shelves. You can use them as a display for collectibles, books, or photos. Use a plain or patterned board and add brackets to hold the shelf. Once assembled, the shelf can be stained or painted to match your interior décor.


In conclusion, skirting board upgrades do not have to be dull or unimaginative. With creativity, you can create something spectacular that adds value and style to your home. Remember, when installing any boards, seeking professional installation is essential to avoid any potential hazards. But with careful inspiration, you can take your boards to the next level and upgrade your home in style.