What Makes for a Good Kitchen Renovation Contractor?

This is a question many Australian homeowners have asked, as they look to refit their kitchen and want to be sure of a first-class job, and in this article, we offer an insight into the top-rated kitchen renovation contractor.

Here are a few traits of a professional kitchen renovator.

  • Customer Focused – This is the key to a happy client every time and from the moment you make contact, you feel that this outfit is looking to please. The kitchen renovations company lives for recommendations and the only way they are going to achieve fame is be very customer focused; even to the point of taking a loss if the customer is happy.
  • Qualified Tradesmen – The best kitchen renovation contractor has a very experienced team of tradespeople; plumbers, electricians, builders and joiners, who are able to turn any concept into reality.
  • In-House Design – While the team know how to build, the interior designer works his magic for all customers, taking into account their budget, concept and preferences, leaving you more than happy with the outcome. They would likely have a 3D computer simulation application, which allows you to virtually build your kitchen first and it’s easy to make slight changes.
  • Budget & Timeline – Once a deal has been struck, the price is fixed and if some extra expense in incurred, the contractor will take the hit. The project would have a timeline, which would be adhered to and when the time comes, your rep would walk you through the kitchen and should there be anything minor, they would be happy to oblige.
  • Comprehensive Warranty – A top kitchen should stand the test of time and a good renovation contractor would issue a full warranty on materials and workmanship, which certainly gives the client peace of mind.
  • Pleasant Personality – Unlike the regular builder, the kitchen renovation contractor works in the customer’s home, so they are very friendly and approachable people with a ‘can do’ attitude. They would be spotlessly clean and there would be minimal interruption to your home routine and before you know it, your new kitchen is ready for inspection.
  • Reliable – Once an agreement has been reached and a start date set, you can be sure that the team will be there early in the morning and ready to transform your kitchen.

When searching online for kitchen renovation companies, do read the client testimonials, as these are a good indication of what to expect. You should have a feeling you are important right from the word go and if you don’t feel that way, shop around, as there are quite a few builders that turn their hand to kitchen refits.